What is BOIR?

The Bookmobile and Outreach Information Repository ("BOIR") is a centralized online location for the search and archiving of information, statistics, photos and history pertaining specifically to library bookmobile and outreach programs. Federal, regional and state library surveys and databases often overlook details specific to outreach services. BOIR was created by the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services (“ABOS”) to supplement those resources and provide factual information to interested, qualified parties for strategic planning, research, reporting and decision making.

Click on the link to generate a current overall statistical report or go further and create an account today to start archiving your information, upload your photos or store important documents into the database using hundreds of predetermined data fields. Most fields are optional and there are many general note fields to allow you to easily adapt the form to your unique outreach services. Registered users are also able to use the powerful custom search interface including map overlays to extract and report exactly the data needed for your purposes!

BOIR will not only improve library outreach service delivery through improved collaboration, but also the way these services are viewed and funded by the public and government agencies. Accurate data and statistics are a powerful tool that can be leveraged for planning, research and reporting. Historical data and photos are a very important way to preserve library history and accomplishments. BOIR was developed to be one of the easiest to use, reliable and trusted resources available to all who recognize the tremendous value of library outreach services!